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Special Appreciation Post : Naqmal Irfan ❤

Gosh! Its been a while tho. Dah lama tak update. So many things happened. Time flies. People come and go. Memories created and fade away. *sigh* I miss my school life. Seriously, i am. How i miss my classmate, how i miss my junior, how i miss my teachers, how i miss 'Acik Kerani Pejabat' and how i miss 'Acik Kantin'

One of my juniors asked me, "Akak. Asal takpergi matriks, UIAM semua tu?"

Well, here's the deal Dik. I still can't get enough of myself. I still have my bed that i can lay everyday, every minute, everytime. I still have my booster that i can cuddle every night. I still have thousands of novels to read. I still have my BIG BANG posters all over my walls that i can see everyday. So why bother leaving house to early? *shrugs*

Anyway, cakap pasal Junior, its remind me of yesterday conversation with my junior, Naqmal. Actually i was watching football match between Man. U and Arsenal when i think of him. How happy i was when Arsenal win agains Man U. So, i ws Naqmal. I really really really miss him tho. Dengan dia je i can story all my secret, my broken-hearted, my mood swings, my happiness, my everything. He's the one. Don't ask me why him. Just him! When i scroll back all our late night conversation and i found these :-

"I always miss the old of us"
"Satu masa dulu kita hari2 ws sampai tengah malam even takde ckp apa pun"
"Jumpa kt sekolah jalan meluru mcm peluru tak tgk kiri kanan"
"Nk tegur pun tak sempat laju naa"
"Pastu selalu skype"
"Concert free"
"Naqmal tahu akak tahla rinduu"
"Sapeee je yg naqmal rapat dulu kakk"
"Akak sorang jeee"
"Cerita kat akak semua mcm2 haih"

"Idk.. naqmal nk masa tu balik"
"Kalau boleh nak reverse masa, i would.."
"Setiap kali kak, setiap kali naqmal nyanyi utk mieza dkt skype..dlm kepala akak terbayang kita dulu"
"Takde org lain boleh ganti akak, akak sorang je yg mcm ni naqmal rapat gila kak"
"Apsal niiiiiii haih"
"Video tg naqmal bg tu"
"Igt kak"
"Tahla kak"

"Lepas belajar, akak fokus nak kawin. Kak..lepastu dah tkdpt dah kak ws akak semua..akak dah fokus dkt family. Then i'll lose u forever"
"Lepas akak kawin.."
"Kita langsung putus dah kak"

How i miss you so much Dikk. You make me realized how closed we are back then. Even baru kenal 3 tahun tapi rapat macam dah kenal dari kecik. I break up with my EX because of you tho Naqmal. Don't asked why. I just did.  *annoyed emoji*

I miss you Dik. Akak rindu cara Naqmal panggil akak. Rindu nak baca Naqmal panggil akak "Heightless sis". Rindu lullaby Naqmal. Rindu concert free Naqmal. Rindu nak tengok Naqmal petik guitar dan main in front of me when we Skype. I still watch the video that you gave me everynight. That video is my treasure. My sentimental value. I still hear all the song that you sing. And you still in my Doa everytime after i solat dik. Never missed one. And how you put me into tears last night when you say :-

"And yeah"
"Thanks for everything"
"Layan je semua apa naqmal cakap"
"Those presents for my birthday"
"Our skype calls"
"Our late night conversation"
"Sharing problems on eachother"
"Thank you"

No one ever knows how much i love you. I love you more than i love my others adik angkat. You're the only one yang akak rapat macam ni. You're the only one yang boleh cooperate dengan multicharacter akak. You're the one yang paham akak inside out berbanding orang lain. Naqmal really buat akak nangis malam semalam. Baring atas katil. Peluk guitar sebab guitar ingatkan akak dekat Naqmal. Tak guitar drum. Ahahahaaa.

And thanks to someone my tears dries. Yeah. Memang tahan nangis at that time. Everytime Naqmal pops into my head i will cry. So, i tried my best to hold on my tears. Aku kan 'acah kuat' :') Thanks for calling me last night babe :)
Dan malam tu i sing lagu Kimia again. Mata sembab dah ni. I've cried to much maybe?

Whatever happen, you still my brother dunia Akhirat Naqmal. Nothings gonna change that. Nak jadi pengapit akak enn? Heee~ :')
I always miss you Naqmal. Don't ever change. Because this is the Naqmal that i love :')
Take my appreciation post will ya dear?

P/S: Kalau rindu akak, dengar lagu kita, The Calls. Let our memories grow stronger and stronger :)) And about the present, idc whether you want a boot or a jersey, just follow your guts.